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De-Friended on Drobox? It wasn’t true love?

March 11, 2014

dropbox-logoWhen do you know your relationship is over?

I don’t mean the kind of relationships that include champagne, flowers, and talk of marriage.  I’m mean business relationships – scotch, financial statements and talk of future deals.

I’ve had my heart broken every now and then.  Pre-Facebook, this ailment was patched-up with a combination of beers, friends, and good old emotional support from the women in my life.  “Don’t worry,” my mother or sister would say, “the right woman is out there for you.”

With the advent of Facebook, I discovered this wonderful new feeling of de-friending a former romantic interest.  In a weird way, it almost creates a physical representation of the relationship’s termination.  One click.  We are officially over.  You are out of my life and can’t see what I’m up to.

I don’t allow any business relationships to “friend me” on Facebook.  Why would I?  I don’t want those relationships to know what I do in my personal life.

So when a business relationship ends, how does one recreate the same pseudo-tangible experience of ending it?  Well, today I found out…

284 Files removed.  WTF?!  A pop-up from DropBox announced 284 files were removed from my account.

What just happened?

The diligence folder for a potential investment was removed from my DropBox account.  I guess the deal is dead.

DropBox, thanks for letting me know it’s for real this time.  Thank god I still have Facebook.

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